About Us

We have been working in the business of hydraulics for more than 10 years, from 2003, providing customers with high quality products and exceptional customer service to get the exact configurations they need to operate efficiently and effectively. The people of have decade of combined experience working with companies throughout the years, beginning with our founder Eslam Abdel Aziz.

We have spent many years building trust and offering quality products to become the industry leader in manufacturing, service and distributing hydraulic systems.
Providing custom manufactured hydraulic units and cylinders along with installation, commissioning and maintenance services for all industry groups, if you need hydraulics solutions from the best, we are the team for the job. Priding ourselves on offering a complete service, we also market a wide range of industrial, mobile, and hydraulic accessories.

We build our strategies on ONE basic principle that, PEOPLE ARE ASSETS NOT COST.
So People are assets that must be valued, measured and invested. Nurturing of  loyalty is a key ingredient of “human capital”.
Hydrotech Have a 42 assets in his “human capital” and there are best assets that help them own company to be market leader in hydraulic solution.
So we committed to improve and develop our self by training and motivate each other since we decide from day one that we are all owner and partner in “Hydrotech”